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Web Design

There is no denying the fact that a website should be designed in such a way that it grabs the attention of the viewer at first sight. Moreover, it should be pretty easy to navigate as well as guide the visitors to get what they want through indulgence. At GD Innovative Solutions, a competent Web Designing Firm, this is exactly what we do – engage visitors and help them reach their goals.

We, at GD Innovative Solutions, pursue a unique vertically integrated model that provides a host of services for all kinds of businesses – it doesn’t matter if they are already established on the internet selling products or an upcoming business that is just starting or intending to do so. We provide a range of web solutions including Website Hosting/Outsourcing, E-Commerce Solutions, Web Designing, Web Application Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEO Marketing.

At GD Innovative Solutions, we are geared towards providing services as complete packages as well as standalone units according to the requirements of our clients. Well, this actually provides our clients the much needed freedom to determine what they really want; at the same time, we are more than glad to help them with suggestions and recommendations derived from our observation and experience as a professional organization.

Web designing solutions at GD Innovative Solutions include services across different platforms like Google, Flash, Graphics and Business applications. Our talented pool of dedicated designers and developers coupled with our creative consultants will make sure that your website is well crafted to offer visitors with an enthralling experience and ultimately generate the kind of results you need. The best part is that we provide all such customized web solutions at affordable and competitive prices. We are able to offer the best prices to all our clients because of the following reasons: our strategic location, our continuous focus on reducing operating costs without compromising on quality, distinct virtual office solutions for staff members, and a wide spectrum of other processes followed by us.

In fact, our web development processes involve extensive interviews with SMEs from clients. Then, based on the data collected from these SMEs, our creative team will come up with a modular project & define Web Design Templates that are project-specific. These templates will then be shared with the prospective client to get their approval. We involve different stages & modules of web development progress in order to ensure desired result. Throughout the development process, we remain in correspondence with the SMEs. As mentioned earlier, the modules are generally presented before the potential client for approval. As soon as all the modules are approved, we integrate and test them. Once this process is completed successfully, we release the product for intended action in accordance with the agreed procedure.

Web Development

The internet presents businesses with humongous possibilities and opportunities. Professional web development is pivotal to the success of web-based businesses. The content and architecture of a site augments salability of the product/service offered. It is with this understanding that our team approaches every project. Our workmanship will ensure that your business application is designed to attract prospective customer, is user friendly and effective, and in turn capable of maximizing conversion of visits into business. With us, you can be sure that your web application will bring you business.

GD Solution is a dedicated Web Development and Solutions company with the objective to provide clients with profitable web solutions that work for them. We specialize in web development for both world wide web, and for private networks. Our services include web designing, content development, server-side scripting, network security, and ecommerce solutions with an unmatched professional talent pool, ranging in SEO, web designing, ecommerce development, and web development.

Flash and Director presentations have taken over from traditional modals as the best effective web-based marketing tools. Customized to suit your unique business needs, we at GD Solutions conceive themes, sequences and storyboards to make impact, provide dynamism, and project your distinction. Our team of professionals is well experienced in developing advanced applications involving complex business logics, dealing with a large and wide range of data and transaction.

The salient features that make GD a preferred web development partner are many. Our team of meticulous professionals follows a process driven methodology with 24x7 development operations, quality documentation, and periodic status review to ensure that we put through solutions that are best for your business. Our SEO experts ensure your improved online presence and visibility.

The project management and documentation teams will interact with you from the beginning, through to the end of the implementation; starting from understanding your business and your vision, to keeping you abreast of the development process, so that the end product is a business tool that lives up to your expectation and serves your business needs.

Our proficiency, derived from practice, range from Yahoo Stores, ASP.Net, and AJAX, to LAMP Development, ROR (Ruby on Rails) and Open source Development.

Our standard features include:

  • Content Management System or CMS to update your website.
  • Domain Names.
  • ECommerce Development & Support.
  • Email Accounts.
  • Free Hosting & Server Support.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Visitor Statistics


Today, you can see that our lives have become really fast-paced. In this fast pace of life, both individuals and businesses are finding it challenging to allot sufficient time for each task; however, thanks to the internet – it has become a one point business and shopping destination and great place to store loads of information. Undoubtedly, the development of search engines has set in a revolution, and in fact, changed the very way people shop & do business. And, in an era wherein one search hit presents a prospective customer a variety of options he or she might possibly have in the marketplace, it has become very important to reach and remain on top of the search result list. Well, it is this point of view that Website SEI (Search Engine Inclusion) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must be considered.

Honestly, SEO technique involves Arts & Science working in tandem. Every time a user keys in a keyword or key phrase, the search engine runs through millions of web pages in order to pull out appropriate results. So, if you want your business to appear in a majority of search results and turn up in the top ten of SEO ranking (considered as highly efficient SEO), you have to place the most appropriate SEO keywords & phrases at the most fitting locations with right frequency. Of course, there are several other criteria as well and different search engines tend to follow different principles so as to pick relevant results. Experienced professionals at GD Innovative Solutions, by means of their diligent research, are well aware of how to achieve that.

We, at GD Innovative Solutions, strongly believe that ample and evident end results pave way for a successful business association. In case of Internet Marketing SEO, our team follows a protocol to identify the dense keywords, we apply them, observe results via well known SEO software techniques & tools like SEO Elite, perform alternate keyword experiments that help study comparative results, monitor and analyze the search results of the client’s competitors, and many similar modalities. We have SEO experts with us who make maximum use of their rich experience to continuously monitor & update your website as per the changing densities of keywords, ultimately helping you stay on top of the search list.

Our skilled team of SEO specialists (from long years of experience) has formulated and implemented several tried & tested methodologies that will certainly provide you with the “best of its kind” SEO solutions. Let us know your business aspirations and we will strive to convert them into realities, literally exceeding your expectations.

Social Networking

Well, social media is easily one of the fastest growing mediums this decade has witnessed and that says a lot! What’s more, the number of visitors using social media sites is perhaps surpassing the number of individuals using search engines. And, news is that this number is growing at an exponential rate.

While social marketing appears to be still in its initial stages, there presently exist major opportunities for businesses to take advantage of this platform (social media) to create and build relationships with prospects, build brand exposure and manage their overall reputation online; all these, eventually, impact sales and revenue.

GD Innovative Solutions offers an array of social marketing solutions and each solution provided is customised as per the relevant social media site. Read further to know more about the social marketing solutions we provide:

Facebook Marketing
There is no slightest of doubt in the fact that Facebook has established itself as one of the greatest success stories in the last 5 years, with millions of Indian users using Facebook regularly.

Twitter Marketing
Well, Twitter Uptake has been so remarkable that Google, Yahoo and Bing are at present integrating Twitter results in their key search engine rankings.

Reputation Management
ORM or Online reputation management is all about creating, managing and restoring the positive reputation of your brand on search engines.

E Commerce

E-Commerce is a very familiar word in the trading & commerce industry in the recent times. The act of buying and/or selling products and services on the web is what we call E-Commerce. As the word Commerce seems to scale down its scope, it is now largely referred to as E-Business – as the canvas is pretty large and almost everything you require is offered at a specific price at the push or click of a button(s).

E-Commerce sites are flourishing worldwide as a successful business model primarily because of the round-the-clock services, immediate and interactive response to customers, and multimedia-aided product demonstration. The mere fact that customers are currently finding less time to do more and the potential to provide products/services at reduced prices due to direct selling, without any overheads, has made E-Commerce the most preferred choice for businesses to do business.

At GD Innovative Solutions, we believe that every online store has its own unique requirements; so, the E-commerce solutions will vary as well. Our expert team lays strong emphasis on studying your current business, understanding all of your expectations, and incorporating your future needs, with expertise. In fact, every e-store developed by us is the direct result of collective effort put in by our proficient web designing and web developing team after consulting with experts in the domain. Moreover, we encourage our customers to get involved at all stages of the development process so as to ensure progress, satisfaction and desired result.

We follow a model that involves our inquisitor speaking to your business specialists, understanding the way your business functions, the current state of your brand/business, your aspirations and future plans. We do so to understand your requirements precisely and work accordingly. Depending on these inputs, our team creates a design layout of your project. Then, we expand the layout based on the ongoing interviews with you/SME. As soon as the final layout gets ready, we define the project and divide it into modules. And, the execution of these modules is generally done in a standard fashion. We always make sure the client is involved at each and every stage of the process in order to ensure that their expectations are fulfilled. Requests and suggestions from clients are incorporated in the project so as to generate the best possible results. Our team also helps the client with changing needs once the project is ready & commissioned.

At GD Innovative Solutions, we design online shopping carts in an attempt to present you with comprehensive ecommerce solutions. Our customizable solutions help accelerate your processes and provide you with cost-effective store management. Besides, our Merchant Account & tailored payment solutions that are based on customer feedback and our experience will ensure sure that your expectations with regards to business conversion are met effectively.

Our experts in SEO, conversion analysis & mitigation of abandonment will make sure that you are seen by the prospect as well as with our quality services, your business thrives.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants help you save time and enjoy life

At GD Innovative Solutions, we have time-specific virtual assistant plans which are pretty flexible and very effective. Virtual assistant plans at GD are simple, without any long-term commitments, eventually helping you in reducing your payroll expenses as well as working well within your budget. With our dedicated virtual assistance, you can avail the much needed service and expertise without any added expenses like insurance & other employee costs you would otherwise spend on a full time employee at your firm. We provide our virtual assistance services in a simple monthly contract which merely requires you to sign our company’s Terms and Conditions. In fact, there aren’t any complicated contracts you have to sign. Moreover, plans are quite flexible, enabling you to renew, cancel, upgrade, or downgrade whenever you feel so.

We, at GD Innovative Solutions offer unique virtual assistance services. Every single project done by us comes with quick access to our dedicated and passionate in-house web development team, SEO team and content development team without any additional cost. In fact, all you have to do is just let us know what you need and our team will immediately coordinate the whole process. Hence, you can remain relaxed and peaceful.

Unlike most of the virtual assistant services available today that make every effort to sell services that are inappropriate to your business, we offer personal assistance services which are specific to the needs of your industry. And, you can without difficulty tell the difference clearly between our services and those offered by other amateur companies once you sign up for any one of our plans.

At GD, we have 5 wonderful VA plans, each one of them providing you access to extremely skilled virtual assistants who are ready to promote the daily activities of your company. The best part is that there aren’t any set-up fees for any of our plans. All plans are designed to run in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

We, at GD Innovative Solutions, are manned with an incredibly trained & collaborative work force that delivers supercharged productivity. Our exclusive training programs make sure our Virtual Assistants are well prepared and updated enough to deal with anything you throw at them. This coupled with our collaborative team approach; you can enjoy the advantages of having a super hero by your side as well as you get a full team to work for you.

Our team understands your requirement for personal assistants with excellent administrative & marketing skills in different fields of operations. Our virtual assistants have worked previously in similar positions and are extremely experienced in diverse fields that include 24/7 live support through phone, chat, and message boards, bookkeeping, word processing, spreadsheet development, real estate services, presentations, human resource procedures, email marketing, data mining, and all other forms of administrative tasks among others.

We assure that you can confidently count on our expert virtual assistants to deal with regular tasks like social media marketing, website maintenance, and all forms of online marketing. Being one of the finest virtual assistant services in the market, we are equipped with all the essential tools to make sure our teams can effectively handle the unique requirements of your business with expertise.


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